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Looking for Place Setting Flatware Rolls?

Barbara Burgeson

Occasionally we get inquiries as to whether we offer Pacific Silvercloth Flatware Rolls to hold a complete Place Setting vs. just our standard rolls which hold all utensils of the same utensil type.e.g., Dinner Knives, Teaspoons, etc.  

Although we can and have made Place Setting rolls for a few customers over the years, we like to share our reasoning for not having them as a 'standard' roll.

     1.  If you have a six piece Place Setting for a service of 12, you only need to purchase six 12 piece roll for each utensil type.  However, for the same configuration of utensils, you would need 12 rolls...twice as many...for Place Setting rolls.

     2.  Those six standard rolls would all be sized to accommodate the length of the utensil type and the width of the utensil, e.g., Butter Knives are shorter than Dinner Knives and require a shorter roll, thus less fabric.  The cost for 12 Place Setting rolls goes higher because each of those 12 rolls needs to be made to accommodate the longest piece, typically the Dinner Knife.

     3.  Finally, when we started SilverGuard 29 years ago, we did our research and learned from silver owners that they preferred the idea of only needing to unroll one roll vs 12 rolls to get out the Teaspoons, for instance, if they were only serving coffee.

But, of course, if you still prefer Place Setting rolls for your Flatware, just give us a call or send an email and we will be glad to provide a price quote.  Or, you may want to consider one of our Custom Pacific Silvercloth Flatware Drawer Inserts which makes your silver readily available for regular, even daily, use while keeping them tarnish-free.



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  • julianne Feuerhelm on

    I am giving my daughter in law my silver plate. There are 24 six place settings. I am interested in having you make rolls for this. In addition there are fruit spoons and knives,numerous serving pieces. How should I get this information to you. The pattern is Old Colony. The wedding is in June. How long would it take to make this?

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