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Standard Flatware Drawer Inserts *16 Week Turn-Around*

$ 164.00

Our standard Inserts are offered in 3 different sizes and made with the same quality & materials as our custom-fit Inserts, but at a reduced price.  

In addition, each Insert is currently offered in three different wood finishes for the flatware bridges:
Product Details
-12"wide X 18"deep X 2.25"tall Insert holds Approximately 108 utensils plus serving pieces  
-14"wide X 22"deep X 2.75"tall Insert holds Approximately 120 Utensils plus serving pieces
-22"wide X 20"deep X 2.75"tall Insert holds Approximately 192 utensils plus serving pieces 
(Wide=Side to Side)(Deep=Front to Back)(Tall=Height)
-All Inserts: accommodate up to 9/16" wide knife handles and have 5/16" wide slots for stacking fork & spoons
-All Inserts come with a pleated cover flap attached at the rear & non-slip rubber bottom

When will my order ship?

As our Standard Flatware Drawer Inserts are not mass-produced, and are hand-made in Austin, TX by SilverGuard in the order they are received, all Standard Flatware Drawer Inserts can typically take 14-16 weeks to ship due to our workload for several months both before and after the holidays AND due to Covid and delays in receiving materials from vendors.  Based on feedback from customers, however, we trust you will find the quality of our Inserts to be worth the wait. Please call us at 1-877-206-5296 or email to if you have any questions.

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