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Standard Flatware Drawer Inserts

$ 149.00

Our standard Inserts are offered in 3 different sizes and made with the same quality & materials as our custom-fit Inserts, but at a reduced price.  

In addition, each Insert is currently offered in three different wood finishes for the flatware bridges:
Product Details
-12"wide X 18"deep X 2.25"tall Insert holds Approximately 108 utensils plus serving pieces  
-14"wide X 22"deep X 2.75"tall Insert holds Approximately 120 Utensils plus serving pieces
-22"wide X 20"deep X 2.75"tall Insert holds Approximately 192 utensils plus serving pieces 
(Wide=Side to Side)(Deep=Front to Back)(Tall=Height)
-All Inserts: accommodate up to 9/16" wide knife handles and have 5/16" wide slots for stacking fork & spoons
-All Inserts come with a pleated cover flap attached at the rear & non-slip rubber bottom

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