Permanent Silver Tarnish Prevention - Made in USA
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Stop Polishing Your Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Flatware! Don't let the fear of tarnish prevent you from enjoying your silver flatware. Now you can have your silver flatware and use it too... without the constant polishing!

We offer a large assortment of handcrafted, embroidered and non-embroidered Flatware Storage Rolls to store and protect silver-plated and sterling silver flatware when not in use. Our Flatware Storage Rolls are made with authentic Pacific Silvercloth®, the exclusive fabric embedded with thousands of particles of silver that absorb the gases that would otherwise reach your silver and cause tarnish. By storing your silverware in Pacific Silvercloth® Flatware Storage Rolls, you will greatly reduce, if not entirely eliminate the need for polishing.

Currently we offer Flatware Storage Rolls for 19 different utensils with various size options for pockets based on the size of your particular utensil. Embroidered rolls are embroidered with the utensil name and can be ordered to hold either eight or twelve pieces. In addition, we offer a Flatware Roll for Serving Pieces which is made to hold the standard 6-piece hostess set. Flatware Rolls for 2-piece Salad Sets, or 2 or 3-piece Carving Sets are also available.

In addition, we offer all of the Embroidered Flatware Rolls in a non-embroidered version. Also made with Pacific Silvercloth®, these Flatware Storage Rolls are completely identical in function and design but without the utensil name embroidered onto the roll. 

We have created a page that lists all the standard utensil names and sizes we currently offer...after reading our Flatware Rolls Sizing Guide, use this list to make choices and take notes as you measure your utensils.

Don't see the utensil you need?

Within the product description of every Flatware Roll, we have listed the pocket dimensions for that particular roll. By measuring the piece you need to store, you may find we already offer a Flatware Roll that would fit that utensil nicely. If not, we also offer custom embroidered and non-embroidered Flatware Rolls at comparable prices. Contact us for more information.

********WHEN WILL MY ORDER SHIP?********

As our sewn products are not mass-produced, and SilverGuard hand-makes to order in the USA all of our SEWN products in the order they are received, orders containing Flatware Rolls, Zippered Storage Bags, Jewelry Travel Bags, or Flapped Pouches (whether standard sizes from website options or custom sizes) can take one to four weeks to ship, depending on our workload, and especially for several months both before and after the holidays. Please call us at 1-877-206-5296 or email to  if you have a special need…we try to accommodate special circumstance requests (e.g. wedding gift, moving, visiting from another country, etc.) whenever possible.