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Zippered Bag Sizing Guides

Zippered Bags are listed in a width by length (w x l) format, with the zipper always being sewn along the width (first dimension) of the bag. The width of the bag is slightly wider than the given dimension to allow for the zipper slider to avoid the silver article from possibly touching the only metal part of the zipper...the slider (the teeth of the zipper are vinyl). For example, a 10"x 12" Zippered Bag would actually be closer to 10¾" x 12" in order to allow a full 10" opening to ease inserting and removing of the article being stored.

Zippered Bag Sizing Guide - Method I (most accurate...and easy)

You will need a couple pins (or a marker), a tape measure or other measuring device, and either a pillow case, ziplock bag, or other similar type bag.

1.Slip the article comfortably into one corner of your pillow case or bag. The size of your item will likely dictate what type and size of bag you will be using.

2. Bring the front and back of the pillow case or plastic bag together by gathering any excess material between your thumb and fingers into the palm of your hand to determine where the front and back come together comfortably/loosely at the item's widest point. Mark this spot with a pin (or pencil, marker, etc).  Important:  Do not press the top layer of fabric down to meet the bottom which is resting flat on the table as this will distort the measurement...always gather the excess fabric into the palm of your hand as described above.

3. Do the same thing at the top, leaving the opening free by inserting the pin through only either the front or back of the pillow case (or make a mark on the bag) so you can slide the article out of the pillow case/bag.

4. Slide the item out of the pillow case/bag, smooth it out, then measure the space your article took up from the edge of the pillowcase/bag to your pin/mark on the opposite side to determine the width of the bag.

5. Then measure from the bottom fold to your mark/pin at the opening/top to determine the length of the bag.

There you go! For this item, we get the dimensions 7"x 13". So we would need a bag no smaller than 7"x 13". This method, when done properly, is much more accurate than Method II...and actually easier! Just ensure the article easily slides out of the pinned pillow case in step 4. You do not want the bag to be tight to the point that it is stretching out (and wearing out) the fabric.  It isn't a problem if the bag is a little big...but it is a problem if the bag is too small to fit comfortably.

Zippered Bag Sizing Guide - Method II

You will need either a fabric measuring tape, or a length of string that can then be measured. Use this sizing guide to determine what size Pacific Silvercloth zippered bag is needed to store your silver article. If you do not see the size you need listed, we offer custom sizing of zippered bags at comparable prices. Please contact us for additional information.

1. Run a measuring tape vertically around the entire piece (A in diagram). Take half this and add 1 inch. The resulting number is the length.

2. Measure horizontally around the entire piece (B in diagram). Take half of this and add 1 inch.  The resulting number is the width.

Note: Our Pacific Silvercloth Zippered Bags are listed by size in a width x length (w x l) format.  The zipper is sewn along the width of the bag.