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Standard/Custom Drawer Insert FAQ's

-Our Standard Drawer Inserts are made to fit 3 drawer dimensions.  Our Custom Drawer Inserts are made to the clients exact interior drawer dimensions.  

-The flatware bridges on our Standard Inserts are made to accommodate a common range of flatware manufacturers.  Therefore, some flatware patterns may fit loosely in the slots and some may be too large.  Our Custom Inserts are made to the specifications of the clients flatware pattern.  The client provides measurements of said flatware.

-Our Standard Inserts are available only in Cherry, Maple or Dark Walnut option for the flatware bridges.  For our Custom Inserts we can attempt to match any cabinet wood, stain or paint color.

-Standard Inserts are only available in the Stacked Design, whereas our Custom Inserts are offered in the European design.  With the European design, each utensil has it's own slot as opposed to being stacked.

-Custom Inserts can also be double-layered in drawers with adequate height clearance.