Tarnish Prevention Solutions for Silver
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Pacific Silvercloth JEWELRY FLAPPED POUCHES for Individual Pieces

SilverGuard offers a wide variety of Pacific Silvercloth Flapped Jewelry Pouches designed to fit specific pieces of sterling silver jewelry, e.g., necklaces, earrings, bolo ties, etc. Our jewelry cases are perfect for overnight storage of silver pieces you wear daily or long-term storage of jewelry you rarely wear. The simple, compact design makes Flapped Pouches convenient for purses, carry-on bags, jewelry boxes and chests, safe deposit boxes, and much more.

Our Flapped Pouches are an easy, affordable tarnish-preventing storage solution for your expensive silver jewelry... and of course, all of our Flapped Pouches are made with Authentic Pacific Silvercloth®, the exclusive fabric that prevents tarnish, dust and scratches to sterling silver and silver-plated articles.

Currently we offer Flapped Jewelry Pouches to store and protect many types of silver wearables...bead necklaces and neckwires, bracelets, earrings, squash bloosom necklaces, pendants, rings/charms, and even for belt buckles, men's cuff links, bolo ties, and concho belts. Some pouches are available in multiple sizes to accommodate various styles and designs of that particular type of item.
    If you are unable to find a suitable Flapped Jewelry Pouch for a specific article, we also offer 68 different standard sizes of Pacific Silvercloth Zippered Bags that can also be used for storing jewelry pieces.