Permanent Silver Tarnish Prevention - Made in USA
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Silver Jewelry Pacific Silvercloth Flapped Storage Pouch - Bead Necklace

Silver Jewelry Storage Pouch - Bead Necklace (2.5"x24")

$ 8.15
Keep Beaded Necklaces Tarnish & Tangle-Free!

The Bead Necklace Pouch was designed to comfortably hold beaded necklaces of nearly any size. Measuring 2.5"x24", it's made extra long so that the necklace can lay flat - which prevents the necklace from tangling and the beads from rubbing together. As with all of our jewelry pouches, it is made with Authentic Pacific Silvercloth®, the exclusive fabric that protects fine sterling silver and silver-plate from tarnish, dust and scratches, eliminating the need for constant polishing.

  • 2.5"x24" represents actual inside storage dimensions.
  • Compact design fits easily in a jewelry box or chest.
  • Flapped Jewelry Pouches also protect gold, platinum, brass, diamonds and other precious metal and gem pieces from dust and scratches.
  • As we cut Flapped Pouches from strips left over when cutting wider products, you may notice a difference in the hue and napping when ordering more than one pouch.  This is because the dye lot changes with shipments of Pacific Silvercloth to us...these differences do not affect the fabric's tarnish-preventing capability.

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