Tarnish Prevention Solutions for Silver
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Custom Pacific Silvercloth® Silver Flatware Drawer Inserts

SilverGuard designs and constructs Custom Pacific Silvercloth® Silver Flatware Drawer Inserts crafted to fit your drawer, flatware pattern utensils and quantities.  Our Drawer Inserts are lined and covered with Authentic Pacific Silvercloth®  Both standard "American-style" (above) and "European-style" (below) configurations are available, and support bridges are crafted with your choice of woods (cherry, maple, red oak, etc) and stained to match your cabinet. The flap that covers the flatware is available either coming from the back or front of the insert/drawer, or from the sides (depending on your drawer depth, overall size, and personal preference).  Your insert comes ready to drop into your assigned drawer - nothing more to do than to add your clean, tarnish-free utensils... and you can then be confident they will be clean the next time you need them!

For more information about our Custom Drawer Inserts or to request a price quote, please email Patrick at patrick@silverguard.com. This initial email is just to advise Patrick that you are interested in getting a quote...he will reply to your email with one that will outline what information he needs in order to provide the price quote.  He will then take the info he gets back via email, tape out the drawer dimensions on a grid and add sample brackets to show how the flatware would be laid out.  He will take a picture and send it off with the price quote...and then you let him know if you want to move forward.  
We periodically receive images of our Drawer Liners in use by our happy customers which are posted on our Facebook page here ( www.facebook.com/preventtarnish ). We love to be liked!
Pricing starts around $105 per insert.
To start quote process, email patrick@silverguard.com to let him know you are interested.