Permanent Silver Tarnish Prevention - Made in USA
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About us

SilverGuard is a Texas-grown, family-run business in Austin, TX that has been producing and selling Pacific Silvercloth tarnish-preventing storage solutions for sterling silver and silver-plated items of all sorts since 1988.  We have been offering our products on the internet since 1999 and have developed a niche for our business, with many repeat customers. Our first website was really just a 'Home Page' with no method of payment. The day it launched we had several orders from customers who called because they were struggling to find products like ours and wanted to put a check in the mail immediately.

We are extremely proud to be working with Pacific Silvercloth as we know that Pacific Silvercloth does exactly what it claims to do...absolutely prevents the tarnishing of silver. This fabric has been made here in the US for over 130+ years, and over the last 34+ years we have spoken with thousands of customers who have Pacific Silvercloth bags and rolls which have been handed down through generations, and which are still keeping their silver clean and shining between uses...many of the containers have been over 50 years old, and one caller had a bag that was 80 years old, found in the attic with a silver tray that was shining like new!

We are also very proud of the variety of sizes we offer for our Zippered Bags, Flatware Rolls, and Jewelry Travel Bags lined with Pacific Silvercloth.  

But most importantly, we are proud of the quality of our products...our goal is that our Zippered Bags and Flatware Rolls will also stay with the silver as it is passed from generation to generation.

Being family owned and operated, we have the benefit of flexibility.  We offer custom-sizing and custom-embroidery. And we don't charge a fee to do custom, but instead adjust the price based on the amount of fabric used, if we are adjusting size.  Our charge is $6 for embroidery on our Zippered Storage Bags, and $5 for embroidery on our Flatware Rolls. This can make an ordinary gift, e.g., for a wedding, much more special.  (Although we don't charge a fee for custom, custom sizes and custom embroidery products are not returnable.)

Our Standard and Custom Flatware Drawer Inserts have become extremely popular.  We match the type of wood of the cabinet, buffet, or sideboard, which makes the insert look as though it had been original to the drawer.  And the attached pleated flaps are generous, allowing for anything that might be stored. Check out our Facebook page to see some of the fantastic inserts we have shipped to customers at, or click on the Facebook 'f' at the bottom of the page.