Tarnish Prevention Solutions for Silver
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Pacific Silvercloth® ZIPPERED STORAGE BAGS

Keep Silver Tableware Clean & Tarnish-Free Between Uses!

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SilverGuard offers Pacific Silvercloth® Zippered Storage Bags to store and protect just about every sterling silver or silver-plated dinnerware, tableware, hollowware, and antique item you can imagine. Every Zippered Storage Bag is handcrafted and made with authentic Pacific Silvercloth®, the exclusive fabric that protects fine silver from tarnish, dust and scratches, eliminating the need for constant polishing.

Sizing Information

Zippered Storage Bags can be ordered in over 65 standard sizes ranging from 2"x6" up to 36"x36".

We have created a page to print out and to have available while measuring your articles that lists all the standard zippered bag sizes we currently offer.  

In order to determine what size Zippered Storage Bag is needed to fit your specific silver article, we have a Zippered Bag Sizing Guides available. If after measuring your article you determine you need a size that is not listed, we offer custom Zippered Bags at comparable prices. Simply contact us for prices. We do not charge any additional fees for custom products.

In addition to storing and protecting sterling and silver-plated dinnerware, Pacific Silvercloth Zippered Storage Bags can also be used to store so much more... Some great uses for Pacific Silvercloth Storage Bags include:

Silver presentation trays, cocktail trays, chargers, & gallery trays. Silver fruit bowls, coffee urns, tea sets, and champagne flutes. Bar accessories such as ice scoops, shakers, & champagne stoppers. Baby Silver like rattlers, feed sets, & baby cups. Sterling silver candle stick holders & candelabras. Musical instruments, antiques, collectible coins, & trophies. Zippered Bags can also be used for silver jewelry, belt buckles and conchos too large for our Flapped Jewelry Pouches.

No matter what kind of silver item you own, Pacific Silvercloth Zippered Bags can prevent tarnish, dust and scratches, and eliminate the need for constant polishing. Contact us if you would like to place an order for custom bags. For storing sterling silver flatware, be sure and check out our Embroidered Flatware Storage Rolls.

Note:  The zipper is sewn on the First Dimension/Width of the bag.

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