Permanent Silver Tarnish Prevention - Made in USA
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Silver Jewelry Pacific Silvercloth Flapped Storage Pouch - Bead Necklace

Silver Jewelry Storage Pouch - Bead Necklace (2"x24")

$ 7.25
Keep Beaded Necklaces Tarnish & Tangle-Free!

The Bead Necklace Pouch was designed to comfortably hold beaded necklaces of nearly any size. Measuring 2"x24", it's made extra long so that the necklace can lay flat - which prevents the necklace from tangling and the beads from rubbing together. As with all of our jewelry pouches, it is made with Authentic Pacific Silvercloth®, the exclusive fabric that protects fine sterling silver and silver-plate from tarnish, dust and scratches, eliminating the need for constant polishing.

  • 2"x24" represents actual inside storage dimensions.
  • Compact design fits easily in a jewelry box or chest.
  • Flapped Jewelry Pouches also protect gold, platinum, brass, diamonds and other precious metal and gem pieces from dust and scratches.

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