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Carving Set 2 or 3 Pocket Pacific Silvercloth® Flatware Storage Rolls (Embroidered & Non-Embroidered)

$ 20.55
PLEASE NOTE:  In order to get the correct Flatware Roll size to fit your silver pattern, it is very important that you read and follow our Flatware Rolls Sizing Guide .
SilverGuard Embroidered and Non-Embroidered Pacific Silvercloth® Flatware Storage Rolls are the perfect solution to safely store and protect expensive sterling silver flatware from tarnish when not in use. Our unique design allows each piece of silverware to be separated, which prevents rubbing and scratching. And because we use only Authentic Pacific Silvercloth®, sterling and silver-plated flatware stays clean and tarnish-free between uses.
  • If embroidered, the utensil name is displayed when rolled.
  • Pacific Silvercloth® Flatware Rolls can also be used to protect stainless steel from dust and scratches.
  • We have created a page that lists all the standard utensil names and sizes we currently offer...after reading our Flatware Rolls Sizing Guide, use this list to make choices and take notes as you measure your utensils.


As our sewn products are not mass-produced, and USA-based SilverGuard hand-makes to order all of those SEWN products, orders containing Flatware Rolls, Zippered Storage Bags, Jewelry Travel Bags, or Flapped Pouches (whether standard sizes from website options or custom sizes) are not inventoried/ready to ship.  We are currently experiencing a backlog due to access to materials and an increase in orders due to many folks being home during the COVID pandemic and having the time to inventory, measure and place orders.  When possible we will try to accommodate special circumstance requests (e.g. wedding gift, moving, visiting from another country, etc.).

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