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4-Zipper Jewelry Travel Bags

$ 70.00

4-Zipper Jewelry Travel/Storage Bags

Elegant and durable, this Jewelry Travel/Storage Roll is lined with Authentic Pacific Silvercloth® for the prevention of tarnish of your silver jewelry, and features fine, attractive upholstery fabric for the outer cover. At more than twice the amount of storage of our 2-Zipper Jewelry Case, this versatile Jewelry Keeper will store and protect large silver jewelry articles such as a squash blossom necklace of a rolled concho belt in addition to smaller silver articles like rings, charm bracelets, and earrings from tarnish, dust, and scratches.

4-Zipper Jewelry Storage Bag Features & Benefits:
  • Hand-crafted to be both attractive and to last. Every stage of this product is assembled by hand to the highest quality.
  • Pacific Silvercloth® prevents tarnish to both sterling silver and silver-plate indefinitely.
  • Wide range of pouch sizes to fit various articles. Use to store sterling silver charms & charm bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, antique jewelry, etc.
  • Jewelry Travel bags will also protect diamonds, pearls, turquoise, gold, and other precious metals and gems from dust and scratches.
  • Compact design fits in most jewelry boxes, cases, and chests, and travels well in suitcases or purses.
  • Fabric colors may vary slightly due to the assortment of monitors, color depth settings, resolutions, etc.
  • The 4-Zipper Travel Bag is currently available with your choice of many different upholstery fabrics. Use the drop down menu above to view your choices!

Jewelry Travel Bag Dimensions
  • Unrolled/Flat: 9"x15"
  • Rolled: 9"x4"
  • Folded (for storing large items. See pocket 7 below): 9"x7½"
Pocket Dimensions
  1. 2½"x8¾" zippered pocket for medium-sized jewelry articles such as silver charm and name bracelets, anklets, bead necklaces, etc.
  2. (2) 4¾"x3" zippered pouches for small to medium sized pieces such as silver charms, rings, pendants, brooches, beads, etc.
  3. 5" snap-down silver cloth tube for silver rings or for wrapping chains to prevent tangling.
  4. (3) 2¾"x2¾" zippered earring pouches with silvercloth divider to prevent earring mates from scratching. Also great for silver cuff links.
  5. 2½"x8¾" zippered pocket for medium-sized jewelry articles. Same size as Pocket 1.
  6. (2) 4¾"x3½" pouches for small to medium sized jewelry pieces. Same as pocket 2 without the zipper. (pouches located behind pocket #2)
  7. 8¾"x6" jumbo pocket for large silver jewelry pieces such as neckwires and squash blossom necklaces. (pocket located behind pockets 4 & 5)

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