Permanent Silver Tarnish Prevention - Made in USA
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Pacific Silvercloth® Fabric By-the-Yard (46" wide)

$ 29.90

FYI:  SilverGuard adds 2" to each cut length, e.g. (1) yard length will be 38" vs. 36", (2) yard length will be 74" vs. 72", (3) yard length will be 110" vs. 108", etc.

TIP: You will have less waste and get more use of your fabric if you order one long piece rather than shorter individual pieces, e.g., one 3-yard piece vs. three 1-yard pieces.  

Pacific Silver Cloth® - Simply the Best Tarnish-Preventing vs. Resistant Silver Cloth!

PROTECT your fine sterling silver and silver-plated articles (e.g., jewelry, flatware, trays, holloware, tea sets, candlesticks, picture frames, musical instruments, coins) from tarnish, dust, and scratches by creating your own anti-tarnish jewelry box or flatware chest, or line a sideboard, pantry, or buffet drawer or cabinet with authentic Pacific Silvercloth® By-The-Yard!
EACH cut is 46" in width and comes with a helpful brochure containing many unique ideas and uses for Pacific Silvercloth® such as tips for lining drawers, sideboards, & cabinets as well as tips for creating your own pouches or bags for silver trays, flatware, holloware, & more.

Please Note: If you require LONGER CUTS of Pacific Silvercloth® than we have listed in the drop down menu above, order multiple quantities to total the amount needed, e.g.:  

If you need 50 yards, order (2) 25 yd cuts, then make a note at Checkout to ship as (1) 50 yard cut, or...  

If you need 35 yards, order (1) 25 yd cut and (1) 10 yard cut, then make a note at Checkout to ship as (1) 35 yard cut. 

Does Pacific Silvercloth have a 'right' or 'wrong' side?

Pacific Silvercloth does not have a right or wrong side, so it's really just a matter of personal preference as to which side you put against the silver.  When possible, we prefer to put the least napped side on the outside, mainly because the least napped side will attract or hold less lint, dust,  etc.  However, when lining a drawer or cabinet, we recommend adhering the least napped side against the wood for better adhesion.

Pacific Silvercloth® fabric is made in the USA.

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